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    Who we are

Save a Child was established in 1987 with the sole aim of touching and molding the lives of those unprivileged, deserted orphans who have nothing and none to claim their own.

This organisation is mainly supported by the little card and cassette shop run by Sunith Kumar, which hardly takes care of 10 percent expenses. The rest comes from friends and volunteers who drop in regularly with vegetables, fruits or even bags of rice.

With the generous gifts and kindness of individuals and organisations. Save a Child makes these destitute become better in spiritual atmosphere. Being an indigenous, charitable organisation, Save a Child invites you to join the noble task of reshaping the broken lives.

  Our Commitment

Save a Child is an Independent and Voluntary Charitable Organisation committed and dedicated to the cause and care of the orphans and needy children.

Save a child believes in providing a home to the homeless, food for the hungry, love and affection to the deprived and deserted children.

Apart from meeting the physical and emotional needs, Save a child strives towards moulding the child into a well educated, responsible citizen and a capable young person able to support himself and others.