The conception of Indiagateway dates back to the year 2002, when Joseph Vijayam received a calling from God for ministry. Joseph presently manages the Company's overall business planning and corporate strategy as its CEO. He serves on the boards of several profit and not-for-profit organizations in India and the USA. He has also been guiding several Christian agencies about the use of technology in global is one such attempt to empower the Christian ministries throughout India. is a free Web Hosting service available exclusively to Indian ministries. Indiagateway empowers Christ-centered ministries and organizations in Indiaestablish themselves on the Internet with free Web development and Hosting services for over 10 years.Indiagateway is entirely free from commercial messages and/or advertisements. It increases visitors to our members’ websites through cross traffic and promotional efforts.

Why should I select for my web hosting?

Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider hosting your ministry website on

  1. Better visibility on India’s premier Christian ministry hosting service.
  2. High hit rate through cross traffic from other ministry websites on
  3. Over 1000 search engines resulting in greater traffic to hosted sites.
  4. Greater reliability and server speed.
  5. Free e-mail services provided through Google Apps.
  6. For quick responces contact our team which is based in India (  
  7. 24/7 online technical helpdesk
  8. Free technical consultation to enhance your website.
  9. Highlevel security.
  10. Exclusive for ministries based in India

7 Features of the Service:

  1. Access to 3 online Bibles with search capability
  2. Daily devotional readings
  3. A database of ministry jobs across India
  4. Calendar of ministry events across India
  5. Articles, blogs, FAQs, and forum discussions on technology
  6. Periodic newsletters
  7. Discounted antivirus software sign up for your free website hosting now.
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Free Web Development


Free Web Hosting


Free Tech

70% is a free Web Hosting service available exclusively to ministries based in India.

Step1: User Registration Process

  1. Visit registration page.
  2. Please give valid username and email address. 
  3. A mail will be send to your registered email address.
  4. Confirm your user registration by clicking a link in your email Inbox or spam message received from
  5. You can request hosting (Web site creation) only after registration.

Step2: Upload Indiagateway Faith Statement Agreement

  1. Login and click on ‘Request Hosting’ link.
  2. Download Faith Statement Agreement document (FSA.pdf).
  3. Print, and Sign FSA document with Organization seal.
  4. Scan the duly filled FSA document and save it in your local computer/laptop.

Step3: Filling up Hosting Request Form

  1. Upload your Faith Statement Agreement as a PDF or JPG (FSA.pdf/jpg)
  2. Fill up Hosting Request details for the website that you want to host.
  3. Submit your ‘Hosting Request’ at the end of the form.
  4. Once the request is approved, we will create your account and send you its access details.


      Designed Home page layout of your choice, among available templates
      Secure administrator login and optional user access management
      Content Management Site (CMS), where you can manage your web-site content on your own
      Up to 7 Web pages *
      Contact us page allows you to receive mails from your website to a specified e-mail address of your choice
      Facility to upload your logo and other images
      Connectivity with other Indiagateway sites through Indiagateway Alliance Membership (Footer Logo).
       * More features can be provided at actual cost.
     Our Services
       Free Web Development
       Free Web Hosting
       Free Tech Support
Free Web Development
FREE website with Logo
7 pages with HOME & CONTACT US
CMS to manage your content
Secure Administrator Login
Free Web Hosting
Free Hosting up to 100MB
Custom Site Development (optional)
Up to 50 e-mail ids
Powerful Spam Filtering
Free Tech Support
99% Uptime Guarantee
Quarterly Training Sessions
Quarterly support up to 5 Hours
#1 rated disaster avoidance


I would like to sincerely thank for partnering with or ministry by hosting or website for free over the past few years. The partnership has helped us create awareness and promote our cause to a wider audience.

I would like to sincerely thank for partnering with or ministry by hosting or website for free over the past few years.

"It is truly a high end service with a great customer support."


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