Ministry Details from 1964 - 2002

First Coverage : Operation Last Home 
(1964 – 1974)

Mode of Operation

Office Field
Village Lists, Maps, Tracts Supply, Bible Correspondence Course, Seekers Conferences, Christ Groups, Revival Meeting, One Day Retreats    Distribution Teams, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Bicycles, Camels, Horses, Ponies, Country Boats, Vans

Second Coverage : Calvary project (1974 – 1984)

Tracts distribution, personal Evangelism, Christ group formation, revival meeting, seekers conferences, city saturation programs, special ministry programs in Hospitals, Colleges Old Age homes and VIPs

The whole nation was covered with the message of the Good News. Thousands of tons of literature was distributed to Every Home

Villages, towns and Cities were saturated with the word of God. Thousands of Christ Groups were established across the Land

Ministry Details from 1964 - 2002Field Experiences:
New Believers Testimonies, Christ Groups, Case-studies

Church Relations:
Donors, prayer partners, area secretaries, volunteers, partnerships, missionaries sponsorship, adopting villages, home boxes, news letters, monthly magazines, national conventions