Welcome To Harvest Ministries

The world has yet to see what the Lord can do through a man who is totally dedicated and committed to his task. Harvest Ministries is the fruit

of one man’s vision for a dry and barren land. It was born out of a deep and compelling inner desire to bring the people living in the Telangana

region of Andhra Pradesh, India, out of the centuries old darkness to the light of the Gospel.Please feel free to contact me at: harvest@indiagateway.net



A Brief on Harvest:

Harvest Ministries is dedicated to help the people live a legitimately happy and dignified lifestyle anchored in the power and love of the Lord

Jesus Christ. It envisages the preaching of the Gospel, planting of churches and other social activities, which would help people, live better

lives. The plan of God is that the Church itself should be the nerve center of the community at large. To that end, Harvest Ministries

is committed to a wholistic presentation of the Gospel.Where there is no vision, people perish. One man’s vision for a region has brought

about a revolution in the spiritual and economic ‘wilderness’ of the 10 districts of Telangana.Caleb Premanandam, who has been associated with several Christian mission organizations, had a deep yearning to do something concrete for the people of Telangana. He had been traveling extensively through the region and saw that the Gospel had not reached the people of this region. The spiritual darkness that engulfed the region moved him tremendously and he began to clearly see that the Lord was calling him to serve the people here. Next >>