Welcome to Connecting Through Technology

Today's technology, especially the internet, has changed the way we live. Advances in information technology have brought changes to communication, commerce, and even lifestyle. India being at the forefront of the IT revolution is an integral part of this global revolution. There are more than 60 million internet users across India who have made technology and computing an indispensable part of their daily lives.

Have you ever seen a television commercial that you just couldn't get out of your head?
Ever heard a 'jingle' on the radio recommending a product that, even years later, you could recite?
Remember that compelling pamphlet that you held on to for years because it was so relevant?
How about that informative web page which you added to your browser's list of favorite bookmarks?

What do all of these have in common? IMPACT! They all had an impact on you.

Now, consider for a moment the impact that you and your ministry are having on your target audience. What if, at the expense of two days of your time, you could learn how to leverage some of the most cutting edge media and Technology resources that could give your message and your ministry the same kind of lasting impact that secular media has everyday in the lives of millions of people? Consider how God might use that to impact our nation.

As the leader of a Christian ministry, you may be asking one or more of these questions: Is there anything good in the Kingdom sense that can come out of this Internet revolution? Is it worth my limited time to consider the issue of technology? How do I learn about the use of technology for my own ministry? Are there people who can show me examples of its usefulness from their own experience in a ministry environment? Is there a right or wrong approach to using technology? Is technology too expensive and therefore out of reach for my organization, or are there sources that I may be unaware of?