About us

The conception of Indiagateway dates back to the year 2002, when Joseph Vijayam received a calling from God for ministry. Joseph presently manages the Company's overall business planning and corporate strategy as its CEO. He serves on the boards of several profit and not-for-profit organizations in India and the USA. He has also been guiding several Christian agencies about the use of technology in global missions.Indiagateway.net is one such attempt to empower the Christian ministries throughout India. Indiagateway.net is a free Web Hosting service available exclusively to Indian ministries. Indiagateway empowers Christ-centered ministries and organizations in Indiaestablish themselves on the Internet with free Web development and Hosting services for over 10 years.Indiagateway is entirely free from commercial messages and/or advertisements. It increases visitors to our members’ websites through cross traffic and promotional efforts.